Dale Head

On Saturday Penny, Ryan and I went for a walk up Dale Head from Honnister. It was a beautiful day and Ryan was interested by what he could see and stayed awake for the whole of the ascent. On the top we took a few photos and had a snack, Ryan ate some yoghurt and seemed happy to be up a mountain. On the way down we passed plenty of people who had not made such an early start, it felt good to have had our exercise before lunchtime.

On the way back we stopped by Gatesgarthdale Beck, Ryan had some more lunch and then was very interested by the beck. It took him a while to realise that it was actually rather chilly when he was putting his hand into it. This was a great day out, it was the first that was warm enough for Ryan not to be wrapped up completely and he showed interest and enjoyed being out in the fesh air and sunshine.

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Height Gained 384mDistance 4kmTime 0 hrs 00 min

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