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So a little about me. I am a physics and maths teacher at St Bees School, West Cumbria, and a member of the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team. I started this blog 18 months ago as a record of what I’ve been getting up to. I moved to St Bees in the summer of 2009 after marrying Penny. As of the 24th July 2011 I am also a father. This blog started with a decidedly outdoory theme, I expect it may become a little more focused on family life over the coming months.

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kaye Stone (Extance)

    Good to see you enjoying the good life…. Jealous as hell that you are living in the lakes! Would be great to catch up some time, perhaps you could take my husband and I up some horrific rock face. We are munro baggers and own are own kayak so are enjoying a parallel universe.. also teachers!

    1. Jon

      Hi, I’m glad you are well. Parallel universe indead, teachers, outdooring, kayaking. We’ve only just moved to Cumbria having been in Harrow for too long. If you are around the lakes I’d happily meet up (and could take anyone climbing who wanted to). I’m curious how did you find my blog? Randomly or via facebook mutual friends? Or perhaps some other way I hadn’t thought of…

  2. Chris

    Hi Jon,

    Nice blog, good to see you’re getting out and about plenty… Be good to meet up sometime, I see quite a lot of Jim, as he seems hooked by indoor bouldering now hahaha…

    Chris Moran

  3. Kate

    Great site. Clicked through as am a fellow outdoors enthusiast and also parent of a nearly 6 month year old and was taking a look at your wp plugin for my site which combines both above activities. I want some os maps embedded in pages showing baby friendly walks but need to use the builder program as still learning so guess I’ll need to figure out the raw HTML plugin instead. All new to me!

    1. Jon Post author

      Hi Kate,

      Thanks for the comment! If you have memorymap or similar software they all output tracks and routes as GPX files. It is for these types of files that my plugin would be better than using the mapbuilder since you just upload the file and then add a shortcode. I like the idea behind your site, I must get round to writing a review of our BushBaby carrier that has been excellent so far. It is good to see another site using Graphene, I used it when creating a site for the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team.



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