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Paddling the Ehen

Just a quick post to mention that on Saturday Penny, Mark and I paddled the Ehen from Wath Brow to Low Mill. The river was at a lowish level but there was not much scraping but a few technical sections. There was more white water than last time Penny and I were on it, possibly due to the level but there also seemed to be a lot of movement in the river bed.

The only section that caused any problems was the boulder weir soon after the start. Penny was taken too far right and had to get out after being pinned. The rest of the trip was uneventful, with Penny even describing the Egremont weirs as fun! Start to finish in 1 hour 45 minutes.

Kayaking on the Ehen

Just a quick post today. Penny and I paddled the Ehen from Egremont’s skate park down to Low Mill. The river was at a good level, minimal scraping but both the weirs were at a safe level. There was still lots of debris from the November Floods and there a couple of big trees in the main flow but with a little caution and scouting we didn’t have to leave our boats.

This trip was important despite being short. We paddled from Wath Brow to the skate park on the 7th November and Penny was not too keen on the weirs. The aim today was to allow her to gain her confidence on this section so that we can do the whole run in the future. There was plenty of water today, and we both enjoyed ourselves (not just type 2 pleasure) so bring on the rest of the paddling season!

Note: The tree just below the second weir that Shane, Mark and I spent some time reshaping has now gone completely so the right hand channel is safe.

Whitewater With Penny

Last Saturday (7th November) we had a excellent paddle down the Ehen from Wath Bridge to the skate park in Egremont. It was raining whilst I cycled the shuttle and for some of the time on the river. The level was good at the put in, plenty of water to float alongside the wall, and rose as we descended. There was one freshly fallen tree and the river felt quick. Penny coped well, breaking in and out of the quick water as necessary. At a slightly lower level we will do the run from Egremont to Low Mill and then link up the whole trip.