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Cycling – Beckermet & Wasdale

Penny with Lingmell (left), Scafell Pike (centre) and Scafell (right) behind

Penny with Lingmell (left), Scafell Pike (centre) and Scafell (right) behind

We had another beautiful day today and decided to a bit of research for Bex and Estelle’s visit. In other words look at activities that are not too strenuous and have a pub half way round. I know that Steve from West Lakes Adventure hires bikes in Nether Wasdale so we planned a ride from there up to Wasdale Head. Continue reading

Wastwater with Boats

After work on Friday we packed the burgers and rolls, put kayaks on the roof and headed to the road junction next to Wastwater. The Ollises had got there first and were nowhere to be seen. We headed towards the pumphouse and Mystery Island. As we neared the south-western shore we saw Lauren who was walking from the Youth Hostel.

It was a very pleasant evening, the burgers hit the spot and the views in the valley were beautiful especially as we paddled back. I was playing with our new camera again. A few of the results are below but I was very happy with this.

Kayaking the Irt

So after week two at school there was a wet and windy forecast for today. Since the snow was melting we expected the rivers to be up and made plans to head to the Irt. On the way the Ehen was big and brown and even the Calder which is usually low was looking good. The Irt on the other hand looked ideal, just a touch browner than usual and was where the arch meets the vertical at Santon Bridge.

Today’s team consisted of Penny, Mark and me. We had also invited Shane who was off using his new spiky things and Alison. We left Mark’s car at Santon Bridge and used our car to take the boats to the youth hostel where we put in. The ten minute paddle across the lake was a good warm-up into a strong headwind. The river started gently, narrow and shallow in places. Jacob’s weir was well covered. Most of the run involved maneuvering around trees and branches. Scouting kept the interest up because you never knew when there would be a riverwide strainer around the next corner. The weir at Nether Wasdale was fine an interesting chute at the near end and a gentle if rocky slope in the middle for Penny.

The second half had more trees, we had to get out a couple of times and I had to roll after a badly behaved tree pushed me in. Penny on the other hand kept dry and threaded a couple of tight gaps between branches. The last few km after the Bleng joined became tamer and there was a pleasant little weir just before the pub. We took out on river left immediately after Santon Bridge.

After a quick shuttle and change we headed in to sample the hospitality. We were very satisfied after a couple of hours on the river, our first paddle for about six weeks.